FSU Webinar Wednesday Series

Education is empowering. It is important that our clients gain the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their financial futures. We try to accomplish this in individual financial planning meetings, educational classes, and webinars offered to the public.

Introducing our new FSU Webinar series. These 30 minute webinars will take place throughout the summer. A wide range of topics will be presented that provide useful information you can put into practice today.

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View previously recorded webinars:

September 25 - Destroy Your Debt
Learn how you can shake off the debt that weighs you down. In this webinar, we will discuss the best strategy to attack your debt, how to prioritize between paying off debt vs investing, and how to stay out of debt in the future. 

September 11th - Navigating College Savings - 529's and Financial Aid
Brennan Hannon from CollegeInvest, part of the Department of Education, explores how 529s work well with financial aid and what things to consider when planning to pay for college. Covers the interaction of 529s and Financial Aid including scholarships, loans, tax strategies, plan types, general and state tax benefits, and qualified distributions,

July 31st - Investing 101
Katie will explain why you should invest, important key terms, and the basics of investing. We aim to empower you with the mindset you need to take action toward your goals. Password to access the Webinar: FSMWebinar1!

June 26th – Investing in 2020
In this conversation, we will discuss market volatility, previous downturns, and market timing. Learn what moves you can make to stay on the right track with your investments and retirement.

June 17th – Financial Wellness in Times of Uncertainty
During difficult times, it is easy to panic – especially when feeling insecure about your financial future. These feelings of unease can be alleviated by taking control of what you can, and proactively assessing your financial goals and needs. Discover the resources that are available to you during the COVID crisis, and how you can be financially resilient in times of uncertainty.